Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Blog Exposure

With Entre-card's new paid ad situation I am sort of in limbo as to keeping it or not so I have spent a lot more time making use of Adgitize the last week or so. What I have noticed is a slight increase in traffic.My biggest problem has always been that I like to read and I always find myself reading instead of dropping. Thats a whole different story for another day, anyhow What I noticed is that I still see most of the same blogs I normally drop on each day so for now I will just let the Entre card widget stay and do my drops while clicking through the adgitize links.


sagar said...

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sagar rai
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Laane said...

That's what many do.

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busstoped said...

I am paying for Adgitize and Think it's fine for Traffic, But now i am only thinking of Dropping and Not going for Click points I can Afford the Money for Adgitize and I am not Destroying my Hard drive for a few Click points.

But I think both programs should have a rule about Page size, Some people place Videos and Scripts on their Pages just to Increase Time on their page where they would be better off putting interesting content on them.