Saturday, November 28, 2009

Free Anti Virus Programs

Problem solved, With the virus from yesterdays post that is, {NOTE: this laptop is running XP Media Center} the laptop I have been working on was severely infected with numerous virus's I managed to get most of them off but finally talked the owner into letting me do a factory restore after I salvaged their personal files and scanned them. The problem they had was their Virus protection had run out and they didn't bother doing anything about it until the laptop was so bogged down with Malware and virus's it would hardly turn on. I don't understand why someone would let something like that go so long there are enough free virus protection programs like AVG and AVAST that one could use. So if you use windows make SURE you have some sort of anti virus enabled even if its just a free version its better than nothing and could save you some money in the long run.
This is another example of why I use Linux and only Linux.


Benjamin Auffarth said...

Hi, I found your blog looking for linux and here I read you have a virus... I never had any virus on linux. I assume you are talking about Windows. Thanks for the clarification.

Sparky said...

Benjamin It was not a virus on a linux system i guess i should have made that clear it was on a MS system i was working on. Sorry if i mislead you