Monday, October 3, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04

So today I made the jump and updated to Ubuntu's Natty release I will admit I did my research on it and tried the live cd first and was a little concerned with the Unity desktop but I updated anyhow.

I used it with the Unity desktop for a few hours and then reverted back to Gnome, I then discovered that I had become accustomed to Unity and for some strange reason It appeals to me.Now i'm sure its not for everyone and you do have the option of switching to the classic look on the login screen.

Here is a great page with a lot of useful tips for anyone who decides to try for themselves. I am going to stick to the Unity desktop for a while and I will do a follow up post. I am also installing it on a family members computer this coming weekend, she is using Mandriva at the moment but wishes to try Ubuntu.

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