Saturday, March 28, 2009

Answering Machine for Linux

How many of you are sick of getting annoying telemarketing calls at all hours of the day, I know I have been getting lots of them telling me my car warranty has expired wanting me to send them money to renew it.Well now you can download this program and let it deal with them for you and the best part is its free.Note this is a LINUX download.

IVM IVR System
Answering Machine,
Voice Mail and Answering Attendant

For you windows users here is a great windows program that i used from time to time.
Phone Tray

PhoneTray Free 1.31
Easy to use FREE Caller ID software - shows Caller ID, speaks name and number, logs all your incoming calls. Reject any unwanted call, zap telemarketers with special tone or play Federal do-not-call warning to remove you from telemarketing lists - by law!

Windows Download HERE

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