Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Protect Your Computer

The other day I stumbled across a nice Open source program that allows you to try and find your laptop if it is stolen. It can even use WIFI to try and get a location for you. The free version allows you to keep track of three devices, you can pay for premium if you need to. I installed it on my laptop and marked it as missing to see just how it works and it sounded an alarm and displayed a screen that said it was stolen. You can change the text displayed on the pop up screen from your control panel and customize what you want done in the event your computer is stolen or lost. It even has an option to snap a picture from your webcam if your laptop has one.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fox cuts Dish feed for FX, sports channels

well when I first found out we no longer had FX and some FOX channels It was while trying to watch something on FX and I was pissed to the point of changing providers. Then I got on-line and did some reading and the more I thought about it I began to realize Dish actually stood up for its customers by refusing to cave in and pay more meaning they actually care a little bit about their customers by not raising our rates unexpectedly. I know others feel differently about that and will switch providers but I am going to stick with Dish. R.I.P. FOX been nice knowing ya, well not really never really watched a whole lot anyhow.