Sunday, December 13, 2009

Epson Printers & Scanners

I have an Epson all in one printer scanner, I have used it with Ubuntu before and I remember I had a hard time ever getting the scanner to work right with Xsane. Today I happened to be reading something on a message board "not even sure what one now" but I opened a link telling about Drivers for Epson printers so I  looked and low and behold there was my scanner listed. I had never hooked it back up to my linux system since my last Upgrade to Karmic Koala. So I hooked it up and downloaded the driver specified for my model it said a dependency wasn't met so I made a quick stop by here and downloaded the missing file.  I was surprised to see that everything worked as it should and much better than it did the one other time I had it hooked up on here. Thats one less reason to keep that one computer of mine running Windows! It just kind of sits there now until someone needs to do something that requires a Windows environment. Thats not very often anymore, Both my boys use Ubuntu on their computers as well as me.

Adblock Plus

I use Firefox and Opera web browsers well today Firefox said Ad-block had an update to which I allowed. Well after it was done and Firefox restarted I noticed that its now blocking all Google ad's even on my own blog so I had to play around and tell it to allow ads on some of the pages that I use it even blocked content on my Ad sense login page. So I suppose if you dont want to see any ads its a rather good thing. I guess I know its doing its job anyhow. If you are having the same problems you can adjust it in the preference's after right clicking on the ad-block stopsign up in the right corner of Firefox.