Thursday, February 5, 2009

Windows 7 Beta

The other day I downloaded Windows 7 Beta
and today after work I put an extra hard drive in my computer and installed it. its an activated legal copy that is good until August of this year. I am not a normal windows user I really dislike it however i just wanted to see if it was any improvement over vista. The first thing I notice with it is its "pretty" not in a good sense it seems like they only concentrated on the visual appearance of it naturally. I would rather have my Linux either SUSE or Ubuntu. after using linux for the last 5 or 6 years I have become used to it I guess. Back to windows 7, it does seem faster than vista "to ME" But then again I have never had vista on this computer. I did notice that after stepping away from the computer for about an hour and returning while it was idle it was running about 47 C, any other time even while using it I have never seen it above 40 C or 41 C while running Linux. Not that that is a real big deal it just leads me to believe there is a lot of process's running in the background while sitting there idle. I really didnt spend a lot of time digging into it to see how well it does other than surfing. This weekend I will try some games on it and see how well it does with them.

this last screenshot is running Ubuntu.