Saturday, December 24, 2011

my linux today

Hello fellow bloggers and entre card droppers you will need to update your links I have switched my real estate to its live now and mt entre button has been moved, hope everyone has a great Christmas

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Using a router as an Access Point

I am going to explain how I Used a WIFI router as an  Access Point on an existing network, I have done this before but didn't have the need for it again until recently. Its a fairly simple procedure but there are 2 major points you must follow in order to achieve success. my main router is a linksys WRT160N, I used a WRT120N as my AP, the first thing you need to do is reassign the IP of the router thats going to be the AP so it doesn't conflict with your router I stayed in the range of my router (If your routers then change it From to any free IP number will work) be sure to write everything down you will need the new IP number to log back in the routers web interface, now you will want to find DHCP server and turn this OFF, now you can set up the wireless to suit your needs, be sure you do not plug your Ethernet cable into the WAN port as we have disabled DHCP and will be using it more as a switch, any of the LAN ports should work. Now if everything is configured correct you should be in business.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Entre Card problems?

Just putting something on here to let my regular droppers know i haven't been able to log into entre card since Thursday morning, not sure what they are doing but oh well. I even thought my router or modem was wonkey and reset everything to no avail.Even tried from work and got some other script error messages so i suppose we wait.


 It appears they are having some major problems

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Collage Creater

Today I was in need of a program to create a collage of pictures for something and I discovered this program that seems to fit my needs nicely. just thought I might share it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ubuntu 11.04

So today I made the jump and updated to Ubuntu's Natty release I will admit I did my research on it and tried the live cd first and was a little concerned with the Unity desktop but I updated anyhow.

I used it with the Unity desktop for a few hours and then reverted back to Gnome, I then discovered that I had become accustomed to Unity and for some strange reason It appeals to me.Now i'm sure its not for everyone and you do have the option of switching to the classic look on the login screen.

Here is a great page with a lot of useful tips for anyone who decides to try for themselves. I am going to stick to the Unity desktop for a while and I will do a follow up post. I am also installing it on a family members computer this coming weekend, she is using Mandriva at the moment but wishes to try Ubuntu.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

HAF case

I recently got a new case for myself the its a Cooler master HAF case, I really like the fact that you can easily hide the wires inside of it, the power supply is also on the bottom. The air flow in the case is remarkable compared to my old case. Wish I had  got one sooner. I also like the Hard drive tray they use its simple to exchange drives quickly.

It also came with two 120mm fans installed and I installed two more and a fan controller.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dusty System

It always seems that whenever someone asks me to look at a computer its usually a complete mess inside as far as dust and pet hair, A clogged up heat sink can fry your system quick and it also makes cool popping sounds.

Needless to say if money is no object to you then don't worry about cleaning out your computer however if you are frugal like me then you should try and clean your computer out once a month or so. The compressed air works great or a shop vac with the hose reversed to blow air (be mindful not to get to close) this one was just dropped off to me this evening but i believe its got more serious problems than some dirt.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Nexus s 4G

This is my review of the NEXUS S from Sprint and based on my opinions, So far my only complaint is having to pay $10 extra for 4G which is about 40 miles from me, other than that I love the phone, I have had all kinds of phones and this is by far the best one to date.

The one thing that really stood out with this phone is the built in storage now when you read on Sprints page it says 16GB however when I got the phone I noticed you only get 13.3GB, Now I understand the OS needs some room but almost 3GB? Oh well I guess I can live with that.

As far as the phone itself I have no complaints Its very fast and the battery seems to hold charge well. I did notice the call quality is better than my HTC was at my house (I am in a rural area), One thing I found was my tablet was able to take screen shots by merely turning it on in developer mode where with the phone I am forced to use my computer and QTADB to grab screen shots.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Extended Terminal

For those who love using a terminal to do things as I do this is a "must have" I try to use the terminal for installs and updates just because I have been using Linux exclusively for about 10 years I think, and back in the days of Red Hat and such the terminal was your best friend. 

Byobu has a lot to offer and it shows you some good information.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

ARCHOS 101 Internet tablet

with all the tablets hitting the market recently one seems to stand out to me, Archos has allowed developers to come up with their own OS for the 101 series tablet.

Dual boot between Linux Android™ and Linux Ångström for extra freedom of use
the ARCHOS 101 internet tablet is completely open to programmers, letting you even install alternative operating systems to create your own applications and have complete control over your system environment.


I have not tried the  Ångström as of yet but I will be in the near future.
here is a picture with the input-output on the 10" tablet
Notice there is a full size USB, mini usb, mini HDMI, as well as mini SD slot.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Computer Prank

I ran across this today and thought I would share it.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Change Audio Formats

To answer a question I was asked, How to change a file to MP3 I will assume an OGG. The program I have had the best luck with that I have installed is SoundConverter.

I know there are faster ways to do it {ffmpeg -i example.ogg to example.mp3}
from the command line but I wrote this  for the less experienced. also if you are doing a whole folder Sound converter might be the better choice.