Monday, August 29, 2011

Nexus s 4G

This is my review of the NEXUS S from Sprint and based on my opinions, So far my only complaint is having to pay $10 extra for 4G which is about 40 miles from me, other than that I love the phone, I have had all kinds of phones and this is by far the best one to date.

The one thing that really stood out with this phone is the built in storage now when you read on Sprints page it says 16GB however when I got the phone I noticed you only get 13.3GB, Now I understand the OS needs some room but almost 3GB? Oh well I guess I can live with that.

As far as the phone itself I have no complaints Its very fast and the battery seems to hold charge well. I did notice the call quality is better than my HTC was at my house (I am in a rural area), One thing I found was my tablet was able to take screen shots by merely turning it on in developer mode where with the phone I am forced to use my computer and QTADB to grab screen shots.