Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Brother Word Processor

Here is an old Brother word processor I came across and it even still works correctly. The printer even still has ink and functions. I remember back when I took some college classes (87-88) we had something similar to this we had to use.This isn't quite that old, this is circa 1992. I was surprised to see that i can still get ink for this reasonably cheap.

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Dr Faustroll said...

My first word processor was an IBM Selectric II that I purchased in 1976 and finally sold after I bought a Mac in 1984.

At the time I was building a payment transaction system using three Omron cash registers, an 8 inch floppy the size of a tower, and a Compaq Desk Pro to process tax payments and ship them in batches to an Amdahl mainframe for overnight application.

I remember at the time, I was looking to purchase an Epson with Valdocs to replace the Selectric, and everybody was telling me to by a Wang if I wanted to do word processing.

I think the cheapest Wang system at the time cost more than 20 grand. The Epson system was about $2500 with a shitty printer and a monochrome monitor.

The 128K Mac ran nearly 3 grand for a 9" screen, Imagewriter, and a single 400K 3.5 floppy. I still have the machine and occasionally fire it up to remember what it was like writing a 300 page book with the system and apps one disk and the data on the other.

Them were the days. ;-)