Thursday, May 12, 2011

ARCHOS 101 Internet tablet

with all the tablets hitting the market recently one seems to stand out to me, Archos has allowed developers to come up with their own OS for the 101 series tablet.

Dual boot between Linux Android™ and Linux Ångström for extra freedom of use
the ARCHOS 101 internet tablet is completely open to programmers, letting you even install alternative operating systems to create your own applications and have complete control over your system environment.


I have not tried the  Ångström as of yet but I will be in the near future.
here is a picture with the input-output on the 10" tablet
Notice there is a full size USB, mini usb, mini HDMI, as well as mini SD slot.


paai said...

Linux certainly is possible on the archos 101, but stay clear of Angstroem. Well, in any case it will be installed when you prepare the tablet for dual boot, but it is one of those Linux distros that only seem to be created to give Linux a bad name.
No worries though: you can install Ubuntu with gnome over it in a few minutes (not counting the time for download), and after some preparations it really is useable. I advise a usb-keyboard though.


John said...

I fancy buying a tablet and I quite like the look of the Touch Book. It's a netbook, but the keyboard detaches to make a tablet :-) I've seen one running Linux / RiscOS dual boot :-)